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Photo Basic Weaves PDF Bundle 1.0

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Basic Weaves Starter PDF Bundle

INS-STARTER-BUNDLE-L-300px.jpg Byzantine-500px.jpg KIT-MESHR-ALUM-big.jpg KIT-HELM-ALUM-big.jpg KIT-JLACE-CUST-3-big.jpg KIT-OPENROUND-ALUM-big.jpg KIT-TURKROUND-ALUM-big.jpg KIT-HP-3-1-DYBRK-big.jpg KIT-HP-4-1-AA-CUSTM-big.jpg JensPind-700px.jpg

Learn to create common chainmaille weaves with this bundle of 10 of our easy-to-follow tutorials ranging from beginner to advanced. 25 pages of full-color photos and instructions written and tested by chainmaille experts, this is the ultimate collection of instructions for crafters new to making chainmaille jewelry. You'll learn to create more than a dozen different weaves that can be used to make bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings and even larger clothing pieces.

Purchase a Base Metal Sampler Pack above to get ring sizes that work perfectly for learning these weaves!

PDF Bundle includes: Box & Byzantine, European 4-in-1 (Mesh) & Rosettes, Helm Chain, Japanese Lace (Japanese 12-in-2), Open Round (Inverted Round), Turkish Round, Roundmaille (Snake Maille), Half Persian 3-in-1, Half Persian 4-in-1, Full Persian & Jens Pind Linkage 3 (JPL3).
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