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Photo Glass Caterpillar 1.0

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Glass Caterpillar
by Kat Wisniewski


Combine glass rings with chainmaille using new techniques from artisan Kat Wisniewski. This restructured form of European 4-in-1 exudes sophistication. Glass rings fill the center, while complementing glass seed beads decorate the Half Persian edging. Choose from a variety of color combinations below. Your kit includes extra jump rings and about 10 extra glass beads for you to play around with.

Knowledge of European 4-in-1 (Mesh) and Half Persian 3-in-1 is helpful.

Please note: You may find that not every bead in the kit slides smoothly onto the rings. This is due to slight wire gauge variations as well as variation in the size of the hole from bead to bead. However, we include more than enough beads with each kit to accommodate for this and allow you to complete the project.

Example shown right uses a silver kit with seafoam glass rings and teal beads.

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