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My name is Curt and I make up the “C” in C&T Designs. I had my first real exposure to Chainmaille in 2006 at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota. I came across a booth that was selling big beefy stainless steel biker bracelets and I purchased one. After the rally I decided I wanted a matching necklace, but I wanted to make my own. I set out on my quest to learn everything I could about chainmalle. A few weeks later I bought my first set of supplies. Once I made that first necklace I found that I had lots of friends and family that wanted chainmaille jewelry also!. About the same time, my better half, Tania, (the “T” in C&T Designs) saw how much fun I was having and decided she wanted to learn as well. I taught her what I knew to that point, and we both continued to learn and grow in our knowledge and excitement with our new enterprise.

In 2007 I made C&T Designs my full time job; and also began experimenting with ring cutting and coloring. By the end of the year, we were making 95% of our own rings.
By 2009 we were not only making our rings, but supplying rings to some of the largest chainmaille suppliers in the United States.

In early 2011 we opened the first retail store dedicated to chainmaille. Rings, tools, books, tutorials, and all of our finished jewelry. We even had a classroom for the classes we teach. We quickly outgrew this space, and in January of 2012, we moved into our current location, which is twice as big.

We spend some of our time participating as a vendor at different motorcycle rallies and craft shows throughout the state of Colorado. I enjoy sharing the knowledge I have gained with customers and fellow vendors.

About our rings.
We precision coil and cut our rings with a very thin jewelers saw. This means only a small amount of material is removed to make the roundest ring you can get. All rings are tumbled in several steps to remove any burs, lubricant and leave them with a blinding shine. All of our ring measurements are actual, not what we use to wrap them on. This effectively removes 'springback' so you can mix metals if you wish. We randomly check each batch and update our information as needed to ensure you have accurate information. Rings are made using standard wire gauge (SWG) wire with the exception of 20g, square wire and precious metals.

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Pros: Great Quality Rings. Super Fast Processing Time.
Cons: Order processing time is almost too fast (If you can even consider that a con)
C&T is great. I had the pleasure of making a few purchases from them recently and couldn't be happier. Time from making my order to the time it shipped was amazing. In one case, it was so fast that I wasn't able to contact them to add some items before they had shipped my order already!!! Curt and the crew are always ready to answer any questions you might have and when I had an issue with some of the rings in 1 kit out of the many I purchased, they were quick to send out replacements.

I couldn't be happier with the services and products sold by C&T and can easily recommend them.
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5.00 star(s)
4.00 star(s)
5.00 star(s)
Would you purchase again?
Pros: Clean Rings, Great Customer Service, Expedited Shipping
Cons: Won't share what the secret sauce really is..... I mean Hidden Valley?! Really?!
By far have not had any better service or quality than I received from C&T! I have never had to tumble their products, Always get freebies with the order saying thanks. The packaging is AWESOME! Curt has always been helpful when there were questions.


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