1. Akimbo bracelet

    Akimbo bracelet

    From the Blue Buddha Boutique kit, in copper, enameled copper and glass donuts. I liked this so much, I got it in 3 more color paths.
  2. Art Deco bracelet

    Art Deco bracelet

    Copper, anodized aluminum and rubber bracelet, from the Blue Buddha Boutique kit. This is beautiful, with substantial weight.
  3. Moorish Rose  Bracelets

    Moorish Rose Bracelets

    Set of bracelets made to order!
  4. Half Persian 3-1 stretchy bracelets

    Half Persian 3-1 stretchy bracelets

    A few HP 3-1 stretchy bracelets I made for myself. The top 2 were some of the first pieces I ever made. Bottom 4 are alternating weave directions made a couple of days ago. Note the difference in size. They all have the same number of rings. Shows that they will stretch out over time.
  5. Snowflake cuff

    Snowflake cuff

    Euro 4-1 cuff with Half Persian 3-1 edging on either side of Japanese Snowflake unit
  6. Blue Sky pendant

    Blue Sky pendant

    Helm chain with Japanese unit connected to sparrow focal piece
  7. Byzantine Necklace

    Byzantine Necklace

    3 connector Byzantine. Black & Blue Anodized Aluminum