1. 3 Color JPL

    3 Color JPL

    Another Blue Buddha Boutique kit. This was my first attempt at JPL, and I was thrilled when it went so well. I think using 3 colors -- in this case copper, brass and BA -- made all the difference. I love this weave.
  2. Inner Fire bracelet

    Inner Fire bracelet

    This is so gorgeous. It's a Helm variation called scaled dragontail, and was a kit from Blue Buddha Boutique.
  3. Brass Sweet Pea

    Brass Sweet Pea

    Before the clasp. 16 1/4 swg Jeweler's Brass.
  4. Queen's Reign

    Queen's Reign

    A sample of metals in my queen's reign pendants.
  5. Aged brass and AA Garter Belt

    Aged brass and AA Garter Belt

    Brass and clear anodized aluminum square jump rings held together with BA.
  6. Dragonscale


    20ga square stainless and brass from C&T