captive bead

  1. Elegant Hourglass

    Elegant Hourglass

    Niobium, stainless steel and swarovski crystal bracelet, from the Blue Buddha Boutique kit. Doesn't the clasp they chose work wonderfully? I gave this to a friend as a gift, and she's worn it every day since.
  2. Captured Bead Flower Bracelet

    Captured Bead Flower Bracelet

    Just playing around with rings I had and these glass beads. BA in 1.2mm 6.7 ID and 1.2mm 5/32" ID.
  3. Captured Beads

    Captured Beads

    6mm cracked glass beads. 18g 1/4 BA rings.
  4. Captive Bead Set - Red

    Captive Bead Set - Red

    Bright aluminum and red bead set
  5. Captive Bead Set - Iridescent

    Captive Bead Set - Iridescent

    Bright aluminum and iridescent bead set