1. 3 Color JPL

    3 Color JPL

    Another Blue Buddha Boutique kit. This was my first attempt at JPL, and I was thrilled when it went so well. I think using 3 colors -- in this case copper, brass and BA -- made all the difference. I love this weave.
  2. Akimbo bracelet

    Akimbo bracelet

    From the Blue Buddha Boutique kit, in copper, enameled copper and glass donuts. I liked this so much, I got it in 3 more color paths.
  3. Dragonscale bracelet

    Dragonscale bracelet

    My first attempt at dragonscale, in copper and anodized aluminum. Supplies and tutorial were from Blue Buddha Boutique. I took this photo after I'd worn it at least 100 times. I don't think it's faded at all.
  4. Art Deco bracelet

    Art Deco bracelet

    Copper, anodized aluminum and rubber bracelet, from the Blue Buddha Boutique kit. This is beautiful, with substantial weight.
  5. Queen's Reign

    Queen's Reign

    A sample of metals in my queen's reign pendants.
  6. Large Copper Scale Maille Collar

    Large Copper Scale Maille Collar

    Pure copper
  7. VB & JPL

    VB & JPL

    I may have a problem...
  8. JPL with infinity links

    JPL with infinity links

    18swg 9/64" copper I made the infinity links
  9. Aged Copper Turbine

    Aged Copper Turbine

    Made from the tut SteampunkGarage has on etsy. Great tuts by the way!
  10. Flamed painted copper scale and GSG necklace

    Flamed painted copper scale and GSG necklace

    Both the scales and rings were flamed. The scales were coated with Everclears Protectaclear. Sold the first show it went to!
  11. Solstice Bracelet

    Solstice Bracelet

    Copper rings in a weave I made up myself. Not sure why the two at each ended are tarnished more than the three middle ones!
  12. Hyperlynks European Elegance

    Hyperlynks European Elegance

    BA and copper, a kit.
  13. Byzantine Square Necklace

    Byzantine Square Necklace

    Copper and Bright Aluminum w/beads Byzantine Square Choker
  14. Box Weave Bracelet

    Box Weave Bracelet

    Copper and Bright Aluminum Box Weave Bracelet