1. Dragonscale bracelet

    Dragonscale bracelet

    My first attempt at dragonscale, in copper and anodized aluminum. Supplies and tutorial were from Blue Buddha Boutique. I took this photo after I'd worn it at least 100 times. I don't think it's faded at all.
  2. Safari Dragonscale

    Safari Dragonscale

    Made with bright aluminum, bronze and EPDM rings. And love. Lots of it.
  3. Dragonscale bracelet

    Dragonscale bracelet

    Dragonscale AR 6.18, 4 (6.8 mm id, 1.1 mm wd & 4 id, 1 wd) in sterling silver
  4. Dragonscale


    A helpful guide for picking out sizes of rings to make various types of Dragonscale.
  5. Dragonscale


    20ga square stainless and brass from C&T
  6. Dragon Hyde necklace detail

    Dragon Hyde necklace detail

    Close up. Please ignore my hands in the reflection.
  7. Dragon Hyde necklace

    Dragon Hyde necklace

    Aluminum dragon scale and aluminum scale maille
  8. Titiania's Dragon Scale earrings

    Titiania's Dragon Scale earrings