1. Byzantine Set.jpg

    Byzantine Set.jpg

    22" necklace, 8" bracelet and 2" earrings in Byzantine
  2. Axis of Awesome

    Axis of Awesome

    These Axis of Awesome kits from C&T Designs, in niobium and silver fill, are so very cool.
  3. Turkish Set

    Turkish Set

    Turkish Orbital and Round with turquenite beads.
  4. Half Byz and Unakite

    Half Byz and Unakite

  5. Tapered Mobius

    Tapered Mobius

    Kit by B3, weaving by me.
  6. Rainbow Vertebrae

    Rainbow Vertebrae

    Rainbow vertebrae bracelet. Easy to make and feels great.
  7. Chainmaille Love Earrings

    Chainmaille Love Earrings

    These tiny earrings are only the size of a penny so they are cute as heck. These are made of stainless steel.
  8. Pastel Byzantine

    Pastel Byzantine

    A great set for springtime. I experimented with plastic ear hooks on the earrings.
  9. Byzantine Earrings

    Byzantine Earrings

    Made to match my Byzantine/Olivia Rainbow Bracelet
  10. KVB, CCC, & Awesomeness

    KVB, CCC, & Awesomeness

    Rainbow Niobium KVB & CCC Axis of Awesome earrings silver fill and rainbow niobium (earring kit from C&T)
  11. "Vines" Laser Cut Scale Earrings

    "Vines" Laser Cut Scale Earrings

    I love the green niobium with the "vines" laser-cut scales!
  12. Captive Bead Set - Red

    Captive Bead Set - Red

    Bright aluminum and red bead set
  13. Captive Bead Set - Iridescent

    Captive Bead Set - Iridescent

    Bright aluminum and iridescent bead set
  14. Sunburst Earrings

    Sunburst Earrings

    Design by Paula Greenwood. Kit purchased from C&T Designs. Silver filled and Confetti Niobium. Colors sorted and woven by me.
  15. Titiania's Dragon Scale earrings

    Titiania's Dragon Scale earrings