enamelled copper

  1. Spine of the Centipede bracelet

    Spine of the Centipede bracelet

    This is a kit from Weave Got Maille, in enameled copper with Swarovski crystals. It's a beautiful bracelet, and the crystals really sparkle.
  2. Akimbo bracelet

    Akimbo bracelet

    From the Blue Buddha Boutique kit, in copper, enameled copper and glass donuts. I liked this so much, I got it in 3 more color paths.
  3. Three-stranded JPL rainbow necklace

    Three-stranded JPL rainbow necklace

  4. Byzantine Blue Crystal Necklace

    Byzantine Blue Crystal Necklace

    Made with Byzantine sections, Swarovski Crystals, Flower sections. Wire is Silver EC, 18 AWG 5/32 & 6.0