european 6 in 1

  1. E6-1


    Image by Anders Stegen. Library piece made by me.
  2. The Ring Lord

    Video Tutorial European 6 in 1

    Author's note: At, we value your creativity and want to support it in any way we can. We have both free and paid written tutorials and are publishing a few series of free video tutorials on our YouTube channel & We also love to inspire our customers with...
  3. European 6 in 1 - TRL Ring Size Guide

    European 6 in 1 - TRL Ring Size Guide

  4. European 6 in 1 - Exploded

    European 6 in 1 - Exploded

  5. European 6 in 1 - Assembled

    European 6 in 1 - Assembled

  6. B

    Photo Tutorial European 6-1 Bracelet

    Author's Note Our projects were very popular during the lifetime of our business and we wanted to ensure they continued to provide inspiration for chain maillers whatever their experience. It's a pleasure to see they will live on with -Sarah Austin European 6-1 Bracelet...
  7. European 6 in 1 Sheet

    Sheet European 6 in 1 Sheet

  8. Sleek Cuff

    Sleek Cuff

    AA 6-in-1 cuff, stitched up along the sides with 4-in-1, from Blue Buddha Boutique's Mailler's Choice Club. I love getting a new project once a month.
  9. Sleek cuff

    Sleek cuff

    Euro 6-in-1cuff, in emerald, teal and iridescent blueberry niobium, from the Blue Buddha Boutique kit.
  10. Rainbow moonstone wrapped cab

    Rainbow moonstone wrapped cab

    Euro 4in1 and 6in1 wrapped rainbow moonstone cabochon. Sterling silver used to wrap.