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  1. HyperLynks kits

    HyperLynks kits

    A few kits from HyperLynks. From left to right, Compass pendant, Trellis Pendant, Christa's Diamond pendant.
  2. Axis of Awesome

    Axis of Awesome

    These Axis of Awesome kits from C&T Designs, in niobium and silver fill, are so very cool.
  3. 3 Color JPL

    3 Color JPL

    Another Blue Buddha Boutique kit. This was my first attempt at JPL, and I was thrilled when it went so well. I think using 3 colors -- in this case copper, brass and BA -- made all the difference. I love this weave.
  4. Spine of the Centipede bracelet

    Spine of the Centipede bracelet

    This is a kit from Weave Got Maille, in enameled copper with Swarovski crystals. It's a beautiful bracelet, and the crystals really sparkle.
  5. Rubber Barrel Bracelet

    Rubber Barrel Bracelet

    From the Blue Buddha Boutique kit, in purple and violet AA, and black rubber. I'm going to do this in lots of colors.
  6. Reversible Scale necklace.

    Reversible Scale necklace.

    AA kit, from Blue Buddha Boutique. I just posted the blue side, now here's the green. This is a lush necklace.
  7. Reversible Scale necklace

    Reversible Scale necklace

    My first big project with AA scales, in turquoise and green. From the Blue Buddha Boutique kit.
  8. Rainbow Barrels

    Rainbow Barrels

    The top is Blue Buddha Boutique's Barrel Ride necklace kit, the middle is theor Mini Barrel kit, and the bottom is a variation I made, because I wanted purple in the middle. Everything is AA.
  9. Sleek Cuff

    Sleek Cuff

    AA 6-in-1 cuff, stitched up along the sides with 4-in-1, from Blue Buddha Boutique's Mailler's Choice Club. I love getting a new project once a month.
  10. Akimbo bracelet

    Akimbo bracelet

    From the Blue Buddha Boutique kit, in copper, enameled copper and glass donuts. I liked this so much, I got it in 3 more color paths.
  11. Elegant Hourglass

    Elegant Hourglass

    Niobium, stainless steel and swarovski crystal bracelet, from the Blue Buddha Boutique kit. Doesn't the clasp they chose work wonderfully? I gave this to a friend as a gift, and she's worn it every day since.
  12. Rubber Barrel  Bracelet

    Rubber Barrel Bracelet

    This is a variation of Blue Buddha Boutique's tutorial, in AA and rubber. Usually, the rings connecting the barrels are the same size as the rings in the barrels. Because I wanted 3 complete sections of rainbow, I made the connectors smaller.
  13. Dragonscale bracelet

    Dragonscale bracelet

    My first attempt at dragonscale, in copper and anodized aluminum. Supplies and tutorial were from Blue Buddha Boutique. I took this photo after I'd worn it at least 100 times. I don't think it's faded at all.
  14. Captive Visions Dreamcatcher

    Captive Visions Dreamcatcher

  15. Christa's Diamond Pendant

    Christa's Diamond Pendant