mirror twist

  1. Parallel Three Quarters Persian - Mirror Twist

    Chain Parallel Three Quarters Persian - Mirror Twist

  2. Mirror Step Persian - Mirror Twist

    Chain Mirror Step Persian - Mirror Twist

  3. Mirror Twist Persian - Layered Spiral

    Chain Mirror Twist Persian - Layered Spiral

  4. Mirror Twist Persian - Layered Twist

    Chain Mirror Twist Persian - Layered Twist

  5. Layered Step Persian - Mirror Twist

    Chain Layered Step Persian - Mirror Twist

  6. chainmaillers.com

    Structural Revision Paired Grain Persian

    The Paired Grain Persian Revision Periodically, in Biology, as new discoveries and new information are uncovered over time, taxonomic revisions are made. I see no reason why a similar "structural revision" could not be applied to chainmaille. Much like its biologic counterpart, this structural...
  7. Layered Lean Persian - Mirror Twist

    Chain Layered Lean Persian - Mirror Twist

  8. Full Persian Elven Twist

    Chain Full Persian Elven Twist

  9. Full Persian Elven Rope

    Chain Full Persian Elven Rope

  10. Dark Elf

    Chain Dark Elf