moorish rose

  1. Lisa Ellis

    Video Tutorial Moorish Rose Coaster

    Author's Note: I am delighted to announce that all of my previously paid tutorials are now available to the chainmailling community for free. I am so grateful for your support during my designing journey. Thank you! Thank you also to for providing an accessible and permanent...
  2. Lisa Ellis

    Video Tutorial Moorish Rose

    Moorish Rose A tutorial designed by The Armorer's Wife (@Lisa Ellis) to demystify the challenging weave of Moorish Rose. Ring size used in the video is 18swg 9/32 (AR 5.86). Please visit my site for other tutorials. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
  3. Moorish Rose - Exploded

    Moorish Rose - Exploded

  4. Moorish Rose - Assembled

    Moorish Rose - Assembled

  5. Moorish Rose

    Sheet Moorish Rose

  6. Moorish Rose in Teal from WCC

    Moorish Rose in Teal from WCC

  7. Moorish Rose  Bracelets

    Moorish Rose Bracelets

    Set of bracelets made to order!
  8. Moorish Rose Bracelet

    Moorish Rose Bracelet

    Green niobium on the inside and all stainless steel on the outside :)