1. chainmaillers.com

    What's the Difference? Sense of Humor, Josue, European 4 in 1 Unbalanced (Oops)

    What's the Difference? The answer to the question of "What level of change to weave structure constitutes a new weave as opposed to a variant?" will vary depending on who you ask. However, it is indisputable that even minor changes in weave structure give you a weave that, while it may be...
  2. European 4 in 1 Unbalanced

    European 4 in 1 Unbalanced

    Image by Anders Stegen. Library piece made by me.
  3. Oops - Exploded

    Oops - Exploded

  4. Oops - Assembled

    Oops - Assembled

  5. The Ring Lord

    Video Tutorial Oops

    Author's note: At TheRingLord.com, we value your creativity and want to support it in any way we can. We have both free and paid written tutorials and are publishing a few series of free video tutorials on our YouTube channel & chainmaillers.com. We also love to inspire our customers with...
  6. Oops - TRL Ring Size guide

    Oops - TRL Ring Size guide

  7. Oops Sheet

    Oops Sheet

  8. Oops

    Sheet Oops