persian dragonscale

  1. Persian Dragonscale - TRL Ring Size Guide

    Persian Dragonscale - TRL Ring Size Guide

  2. Persian Dragonscale - Exploded

    Persian Dragonscale - Exploded

  3. Persian Dragonscale - Assembled

    Persian Dragonscale - Assembled

  4. Aussie Maille

    Video Tutorial Persian Dragonscale

    Author's Note We wanted to document many of the available weaves in video format to help not only inspire our customers, but to keep an archive of resources for all maillers. Being an Australian business we wanted to help our customers with metric sizes where we can but we have found that using...
  5. Phong

    CGI Tutorial Persian Dragonscale

    Author's Note I wanted to contribute my tutorials to to help ensure that the entire chainmaille community has access to them. The tutorials are presented here with the same images and text from my old site CGMaille. I hope they continue to help inspire you to learn and create...
  6. Persian Dragonscale

    Band Persian Dragonscale

  7. Persian Dragonscale bracelet

    Persian Dragonscale bracelet

    Persian Dragonscale, AR 5 (5 mm id, 1 mm wd) in sterling silver