1. Rubber Barrel Bracelet

    Rubber Barrel Bracelet

    From the Blue Buddha Boutique kit, in purple and violet AA, and black rubber. I'm going to do this in lots of colors.
  2. Akimbo bracelet

    Akimbo bracelet

    From the Blue Buddha Boutique kit, in copper, enameled copper and glass donuts. I liked this so much, I got it in 3 more color paths.
  3. Dragonscale bracelet

    Dragonscale bracelet

    My first attempt at dragonscale, in copper and anodized aluminum. Supplies and tutorial were from Blue Buddha Boutique. I took this photo after I'd worn it at least 100 times. I don't think it's faded at all.
  4. Scale Maille Necklace

    Scale Maille Necklace

    Bright Aluminum and Purple Anodized Aluminum
  5. Star


    BA & AA
  6. Oops!


    Oops weave BA and AA 18swg 5/32"
  7. barefoot sandal

    barefoot sandal

  8. Box Weave Bracelet

    Box Weave Bracelet

    Purple Anodized Aluminum and Bright Aluminum Box Weave Bracelet