1. Axis of Awesome

    Axis of Awesome

    These Axis of Awesome kits from C&T Designs, in niobium and silver fill, are so very cool.
  2. Euro 4-in-1 bracelet

    Euro 4-in-1 bracelet

    Rainbow niobium bracelet. Sometimes simple weaves are perfect for stunning rings. Rings and clasp are from C&T Designd.
  3. Barrel Rainbow Necklace

    Barrel Rainbow Necklace

    This is from a seasonally kit I got from B3. I get compliments for this all the time.
  4. Rainbow Vertebrae

    Rainbow Vertebrae

    Rainbow vertebrae bracelet. Easy to make and feels great.
  5. Dramatic Celtic Star Necklace

    Dramatic Celtic Star Necklace

    I used 3 Celtic Stars in a rainbow of aluminum colors against a black background to create this striking necklace.
  6. Byzantine Earrings

    Byzantine Earrings

    Made to match my Byzantine/Olivia Rainbow Bracelet
  7. Byzantine/Olivia Rainbow Bracelet

    Byzantine/Olivia Rainbow Bracelet

    My son loves color and requested one of his own after seeing the one I was working on that didn't have a finished edge. I kind of like his version better than the original!