silver fill

  1. Axis of Awesome

    Axis of Awesome

    These Axis of Awesome kits from C&T Designs, in niobium and silver fill, are so very cool.
  2. KVB, CCC, & Awesomeness

    KVB, CCC, & Awesomeness

    Rainbow Niobium KVB & CCC Axis of Awesome earrings silver fill and rainbow niobium (earring kit from C&T)
  3. Sunburst Earrings

    Sunburst Earrings

    Design by Paula Greenwood. Kit purchased from C&T Designs. Silver filled and Confetti Niobium. Colors sorted and woven by me.
  4. Bicubix Bracelet

    Bicubix Bracelet

    Silver filled rings with GunMetal rings and silverfilled slider clasp. B3's Tutorial