slide clasp

  1. Wide Mesh Cuff

    Wide Mesh Cuff

    Another Euro 4-in-1 cuff, in rainbow stripes with a seven connector slide clasp, in BA and AA. Tutorial by Blue Buddha Boutique.
  2. Wide Mesh Cuff

    Wide Mesh Cuff

    Euro 4-in-1 in BA and AA. This is a squared-off variation of Blue Buddha Boutique's kit, with a seven connector slide clasp. I love the confetti feel, and discovered doing true random is SO hard!
  3. Dragonscale bracelet

    Dragonscale bracelet

    My first attempt at dragonscale, in copper and anodized aluminum. Supplies and tutorial were from Blue Buddha Boutique. I took this photo after I'd worn it at least 100 times. I don't think it's faded at all.
  4. Art Deco bracelet

    Art Deco bracelet

    Copper, anodized aluminum and rubber bracelet, from the Blue Buddha Boutique kit. This is beautiful, with substantial weight.
  5. Byzantine/Olivia Rainbow Bracelet

    Byzantine/Olivia Rainbow Bracelet

    My son loves color and requested one of his own after seeing the one I was working on that didn't have a finished edge. I kind of like his version better than the original!