Commonly Mixed Up Weaves


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With thousands of weaves out there, there are many that look really similar at first glance. It's only when you really get into the structure that you can see the minor differences.

The first one for me was Syringa vs. Flat Full Persian 5 in1.


Chain  Syringa

I thought I was walking around with Flat Full Persian 5 in 1 on my wrist when in fact, years later, I figured out that it was Syringa.

Since then I've also come across the following:
What weaves have you come across that you thought were one weave but were actually another?

Studio Castile

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When I first started mailling I thought I made a new something-or-other-back variant. Turned out I didn't but man there are a lot of those.


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Does being unable to round weave roundmaille but able to round weave INVERTED roundmaille count? :D;

Thing One

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I would say that Candycane & JPL5 look very similar. At first glance, they look almost identical until you weave it.