P.O.T.M. Have you ever suffered from ringnesia?

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Have you ever ordered rings and forgotten what you were planning to make with them?

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We'd like to think we weren't the only ones who this has happened to...

Have you ever added a whole bunch of different rings to a shopping cart and then, by the time you receive them, forget what you were planning on making with them?

Please take a moment to vote in the poll and comment about your experiences with ringnesia. :)


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Absolutely. It happens on a semi-regular basis despite reminders to self. Oh well, one day I'll find a way to remember 😥

Studio Castile

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Yes, stupid amounts of rings at times. And also neglected to buy things I clearly wanted or needed. Despite careful planning. And lists. :rolleyes:


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Oh, my, yes. I have several sizes of rings in my stash that I ordered a few years back and I simply can't remember what the heck for. I just keep hoping I'll run across the appropriate tutorial.


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Pretty much anytime I’m able to order I forget something I was going to make!


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Yes, all the time (beads too.) I found an easy solution though. I have an app on my iPad called Good Notes and everytime I order for a certain project I list it there.