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Is Chainmaille a hobby or business for you?

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Running a little late this week with the poll, sorry about that.

Is chainmaille something you do in your free time? Does it pay your mortgage? Let us know in the comments below.

Sharyn Hamilton

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It's currently a hobby that I hope to turn into a business -- I need to figure out how to take really good, true color pictures, and find a few local venues.


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I have it as a hobby. I couldn't have it as a business because I wouldn't be able to dedicate enough time to it as I have flares ups with fibromyalgia quite often and can't maille :(


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Definitely on the hobby side for me. I do make the odd sale, but nowhere near enough to call it a business. Wish I had enough time in the day to make it one. Maybe one day.


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It's equal parts Business and Hobby. I love doing it, I can't imagine doing anything else than making. It's a business because I am apparently the "go to" person for handmade jewelry. In social circles I'm "the Chainmaille Lady" There are several maillers in my social circle but they are either just starting or dabble. That's cool. I don't mind the business at all :)


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It's a hobby but I make an occasional sale and do craft fairs though not many. I just can't stop making so it would be nice to sell more but on the other hand it keeps me from losing it.


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For me its also a hobby and when someone wants to buy I'm happy, but I don't offer it myself (yet).


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Currently this is just a hobby for me, however at some point I would like to start selling some weaves on the side.