Weave Families


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There are currently 7 accepted weave families as per this M.A.I.L. article.
  1. European - Mainly "through the eye" connections.
  2. Persian - Sequence of connections. Usually "through the eye" and then "around the eye".
  3. Japanese - Exclusively "ring on ring" connections.
  4. Spiral - Mainly "through the eye" connections that cause the weave to twist
  5. Hybrid - Contains characteristics of multiple families
  6. Orbital/Captive - Contains rings that "orbit" other rings or connections or rings that are held captive by other rings.
  7. Unit - A combination of rings that "look nice" together and make a non-expandable segment.
Are there any families you feel are unnecessary? Definitions that could be more descriptive? Families that should be created?

Personally, I think that the "hybrid" family is redundant. By being a member of multiple families it's a hybrid by default, no?