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Chain Reaction Canada provides jump rings, kits and resources to accomplish any project you can imagine. Located in Spruce Grove, Alberta we are a small Canadian company with a big heart and a passion to create and educate.

The company is small because we are a small family with big brother Wally and his wife Christa the driving force of the crew. Sister's Melissa and Kaitlyn and brother in law Kory all contribute unique skills and input to make everything happen. The production process has evolved quickly to provide Bright Aluminum Jump rings but the seed was planted in 2015 when Wally discovered the beauty and meditation that can come from weaving chainmail.

Fast forward to 2020 with COVID and isolation, the family found the idea to take the love of video gaming and our RPG characters into the real world very interesting. Talking to various LARP communities and artisans on what would be required, it didn't take long to realize that we are not the crafts people or artisans of our imaginations.

However what we did discover is a passion of those who are and a need for good quality rings to make their visions come true. And so our vision was born and here we are, rings all over the place and we hope our customers will feel like our family too.

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