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ChainWeavers supplies precious metal jumprings in either metric or Imperial sizes, in sterling, Argentium, TruSilver™, yellow & rose gold-filled and silver-filled, from 12 to 24 AWG.Most are available in square and twisted versions, along with the extremely popular DragonDust™ textured jumprings, in limited gauges.We also carry bronze, copper and niobium jumprings.Many of the top tools used by maillers are carried on the website.

When you order from ChainWeavers, your order is typically shipped within 24 hours of receipt.We ship Internationally, with a choice of several shipping options.

8 sizes of Oval Jumprings

MEGA Jumprings:
12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 25 & 31mm
Gauges from 1awg and up.

Jumpring gauge converter
Convert from one gauge to another.
Convert between awg & swg
Calculates metric mandrel size and AR

Ring & Gauge sizes for popular weaves
24awg - 12 awg with comparison photos

Rings per ounce calculators
metric and imperial (awg only)
estimates for ChainWeavers jumprings

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  • No other vendor delivers the quality of ChainWeavers precious metal rings! Very fast shipping, even for special order items, easy to understand tutorials with very nice quality photos.
I like to work with YGF, Rose GF, and SS/Argentium. I have bought from a lot of vendors but Chainweavers quality and lightening shipping can't be beat. In this order I purchased some loose rings and their new Adagio bracelet kit. This kit is a fun, beautiful, and unique take on a JPL pattern. I look forward to new kits that are a bit more advanced and this one delivers! I added a beautiful magnetic clasp to finish it off and wear it often getting many, many compliments.

Chainweavers rings are beautifully cleaned and polished before they are shipped which means that most projects can be weaved and then immediately worn with no additional tumbling needed.

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