Classic Chain Mail Jewelry: A treasury of weaves

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Sue Ripsch

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Chain mail is a very hot topic, and those who enjoy the process are looking for new patterns and ideas to explore. Classic Chain Mail covers the basic weaves for beginners, but also adds unusual jump rings (twisted, oval), some crystals and beads, and unique patterns for intermediate beaders. These 35 projects create a classic, elegant look by using mostly silver, gold, and argentium jump rings. This book offers many different, unique patterns for jewelry makers who are interested in chain mail.

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  • Projects are included from most of the major weave families. Some of the projects are actually quite nice looking.
  • Suggested sizes are only given in precious metals. Tutorial steps could be clearer. Photos could be clearer and more numerous. Substituting a standard jump ring with a twisted and/or square jump ring does not a new project make.
Classic Chain Mail Jewelry by Sue Ripsch is an average book of projects.

Unfortunately, this book is pretty much a case of "been there, done that". While the number of projects in the book is impressive, once you realize that some of those projects are exactly the same but with substitutions of twisted and/or square jump rings it becomes much less so.

After a bare bones introduction, the book moves into projects based across a wide range of weave families. The step by step instructions are sometimes a little hard to understand (I would say even more so for someone not familiar with the weaves being shown) and might work better if someone were over your shoulder to show you what was meant. Tutorial steps are shown with full color photos, which in some cases, are blurry / out of focus.

While this book does have a few nice projects included, there just aren't enough to make the book worthwhile.
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