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OUR Expertise and Attention to Detail Will Make YOUR Jewelry Creations Stand Out!

I love making chainmaille jewelry, but was unable to purchase jump rings that met my standards, so we invested in the equipment and started making them ourselves. Over 40 years engineering experience paid off! The weight is substantial and my customers love the feel when they pick up my products.

Check out our products and see the endless possibilities my findings will bring to your chainmaille weaves and other jewelry and craft designs:

We can custom make MOST anything that you need for your jewelry and craft creations! I can meet your deadline.

We also offer high quality commercially made supplies; items that we use myself in my own finished goods.

We are based in Fulton Missouri, and ALL of our handmade supplies are made by our crew, right here in the US. We love supporting US business and many of our commercial supplies are also made in the US.

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