Xuron® Model 486 90 Degree Bent Nose Plier

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These are my go-to's for chainmaille; comfortable at any angle! Some might consider them cost-prohibitive, but not in comparison to other brands I've seen. This was a worthy investment for me without being what I consider ultra-expensive.

Xuron happened to have a booth at one of the local bead shows. That's where I met Ashley, and I got to 'demo' them; the 90 degree bend is perfect for picking up rings as well as opening and closing them. I didn't know I needed them until I tried them! :)

The handles have a comfortable pvc (I think? it's not foam) grip and the length is perfect for my short, meaty hands; I don't experience any fatigue at all. The tips fit comfortably in small spaces and I feel the 90 degree bend gives you much better surface contact.

I always use bent nose pliers in both hands. They don't have a round-ish handle, but I've found them to be perfect for my needs. I would highly recommend them for quality tools to add to your arsenal!
Pros: Gets into tight spaces, easy to grip
Cons: Thin grip (needs padding)
I was looking for a very small nosed pliers to get into the micromaille and tight spaces in weaves. This one fits the bill just perfectly! I have seen reviews where the Xurons had spring problems but so far so good *knocks on wood*. I just might have to spring and get a second pair... :D