bright aluminum

  1. Staggered Byzantine

    Staggered Byzantine

  2. A6 necklace

    A6 necklace

    A6 necklace in bright aluminum.
  3. Byzantine Set.jpg

    Byzantine Set.jpg

    22" necklace, 8" bracelet and 2" earrings in Byzantine
  4. Ocean Waves Necklace

    Ocean Waves Necklace

  5. Goddess Choker & Ocean Waves body chain

    Goddess Choker & Ocean Waves body chain

    Goddess Choker (pattern from steampunk garage) and Ocean Waves body chain (weave from Daleann Stark)
  6. Byzantine Ladder Halter

    Byzantine Ladder Halter

    Byzantine Ladder halter top with collar
  7. Crystal Rainbow.jpg

    Crystal Rainbow.jpg

    Anodized and Bright Aluminum with rainbow crystals
  8. HyperLynks kits

    HyperLynks kits

    A few kits from HyperLynks. From left to right, Compass pendant, Trellis Pendant, Christa's Diamond pendant.
  9. 3 Color JPL

    3 Color JPL

    Another Blue Buddha Boutique kit. This was my first attempt at JPL, and I was thrilled when it went so well. I think using 3 colors -- in this case copper, brass and BA -- made all the difference. I love this weave.
  10. Wide Mesh Cuff

    Wide Mesh Cuff

    Another Euro 4-in-1 cuff, in rainbow stripes with a seven connector slide clasp, in BA and AA. Tutorial by Blue Buddha Boutique.
  11. Wide Mesh Cuff

    Wide Mesh Cuff

    Euro 4-in-1 in BA and AA. This is a squared-off variation of Blue Buddha Boutique's kit, with a seven connector slide clasp. I love the confetti feel, and discovered doing true random is SO hard!
  12. Captured Bead Flower Bracelet

    Captured Bead Flower Bracelet

    Just playing around with rings I had and these glass beads. BA in 1.2mm 6.7 ID and 1.2mm 5/32" ID.
  13. Queen's Reign

    Queen's Reign

    A sample of metals in my queen's reign pendants.
  14. Scale Maille Necklace

    Scale Maille Necklace

    Bright Aluminum and Purple Anodized Aluminum
  15. CCCC (Chunky Candy Cane Cord)

    CCCC (Chunky Candy Cane Cord)

    Length 60 cm, width 2 cm.
  16. Safari Dragonscale

    Safari Dragonscale

    Made with bright aluminum, bronze and EPDM rings. And love. Lots of it.
  17. Turkish Set

    Turkish Set

    Turkish Orbital and Round with turquenite beads.
  18. Vari-coloured Chainmaille Hacky Sacks

    Vari-coloured Chainmaille Hacky Sacks

    Various colours and patterns of hacky sacks. BA and AA in all colours. 16g 1/4 TRL. By SCD
  19. Small Blue and Silver Dice Bag

    Small Blue and Silver Dice Bag

    Small dice bag holds 3 extended sets of dice easily. BA and AA in blue and sky 16g 1/4. Paracord and alloy cordlock. By SCD
  20. Vari-colour Celtic Crosses

    Vari-colour Celtic Crosses

    Full persian on a larger central ring. BA and AA 16g 5/16 and ? By SCD