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    Video European 4 in 1

    Hi, I’m Kathy from Wicked Lady Chains. Today I’m going to show you how to make European 4 in 1 Chainmaille. The following ring sizes work well with this particular chain, but don’t be afraid to experiment, it will become clear soon after starting whether or not you are going to be happy...
  2. Wallace A2 Shirt

    Wallace A2 Shirt

    A maille shirt from the Wallace Collection
  3. Triquetra Necklace

    Triquetra Necklace

    Triquetra pendant with European 4 in 1 and byzantine.
  4. Sleek Cuff

    Sleek Cuff

    AA 6-in-1 cuff, stitched up along the sides with 4-in-1, from Blue Buddha Boutique's Mailler's Choice Club. I love getting a new project once a month.
  5. Wide Mesh Cuff

    Wide Mesh Cuff

    Another Euro 4-in-1 cuff, in rainbow stripes with a seven connector slide clasp, in BA and AA. Tutorial by Blue Buddha Boutique.
  6. Wide Mesh Cuff

    Wide Mesh Cuff

    Euro 4-in-1 in BA and AA. This is a squared-off variation of Blue Buddha Boutique's kit, with a seven connector slide clasp. I love the confetti feel, and discovered doing true random is SO hard!
  7. Euro 4-in-1 bracelet

    Euro 4-in-1 bracelet

    Rainbow niobium bracelet. Sometimes simple weaves are perfect for stunning rings. Rings and clasp are from C&T Designd.
  8. Vari-coloured Chainmaille Hacky Sacks

    Vari-coloured Chainmaille Hacky Sacks

    Various colours and patterns of hacky sacks. BA and AA in all colours. 16g 1/4 TRL. By SCD
  9. Legend of Zelda Slave Bracelet

    Legend of Zelda Slave Bracelet

    Legend of Zelda Triforce in AA green and gold. 16g 1/4 TRL. Euro 4in1 and Half Persian 3in1. By SCD
  10. Small Blue and Silver Dice Bag

    Small Blue and Silver Dice Bag

    Small dice bag holds 3 extended sets of dice easily. BA and AA in blue and sky 16g 1/4. Paracord and alloy cordlock. By SCD
  11. Stormtrooper Hair Bow

    Stormtrooper Hair Bow

    Another from Peter Cacek's design. TRL Frost and white EPDM
  12. Chainmaile Hair Bow

    Chainmaile Hair Bow

    Design by Peter Cacek from his Kickstarter campaign. I put this on a french barrette blank. TRL AA and rubber rings.
  13. Lovely in Lavender

    Lovely in Lavender

    This was created using black ice and lavender anodized aluminum rings in a European 4 in 1 weave.
  14. Oops!


    Oops weave BA and AA 18swg 5/32"
  15. Euro 4-1 Necklace

    Euro 4-1 Necklace

    BA Euro 4-1
  16. Rainbow moonstone wrapped cab

    Rainbow moonstone wrapped cab

    Euro 4in1 and 6in1 wrapped rainbow moonstone cabochon. Sterling silver used to wrap.
  17. Euro 4-1

    Euro 4-1

    18swg 5/32"
  18. Snowflake cuff

    Snowflake cuff

    Euro 4-1 cuff with Half Persian 3-1 edging on either side of Japanese Snowflake unit