1. N

    Photo Tutorial Hp 3-1, GSG and half persian 3 sheet 6 in 1 weave construction 2022-06-04

    This is a tutorial to show the construction of hp 3 in 1, GSG chain and half persian 3 sheet 6 in 1 weaves - enjoy
  2. GSG - Exploded

    GSG - Exploded

  3. GSG - Assembled

    GSG - Assembled

  4. Aussie Maille

    Video Tutorial GSG

    Author's Note We wanted to document many of the available weaves in video format to help not only inspire our customers, but to keep an archive of resources for all maillers. Being an Australian business we wanted to help our customers with metric sizes where we can but we have found that using...
  5. GSG - TRL Ring Size Guide

    GSG - TRL Ring Size Guide

  6. Phong

    CGI Tutorial GSG

    Author's Note I wanted to contribute my tutorials to to help ensure that the entire chainmaille community has access to them. The tutorials are presented here with the same images and text from my old site CGMaille. I hope they continue to help inspire you to learn and create...
  7. GSG

    Chain GSG

  8. W

    Video Tutorial Great Southern Gathering

    Here I show you how to create Great Southern Gathering (GSG for short). Ideal ring sizes for this weave would be 18g 7/32 SWG. An aspect ratio of 4.8 up to 5 is perfect. To check your aspect ratio (AR), use the following formula: Inner Diameter (ID) of the ring divided by wire thickness...
  9. Flamed painted copper scale and GSG necklace

    Flamed painted copper scale and GSG necklace

    Both the scales and rings were flamed. The scales were coated with Everclears Protectaclear. Sold the first show it went to!