1. Helm Arrows

    Chain Helm Arrows

  2. Helm Stepped

    Chain Helm Stepped

  3. Helm Ladder

    Band Helm Ladder

  4. Helm Oblique (Alternating)

    Chain Helm Oblique (Alternating)

  5. Helm's Deep

    Chain Helm's Deep

  6. Helm (Tiller)

    Chain Helm (Tiller)

  7. Helm (Paddle Wheel)

    Chain Helm (Paddle Wheel)

  8. Helm


  9. Not Tao 3 Sheets to the Wind

    Sheet Not Tao 3 Sheets to the Wind

  10. Moon42

    Chain Moon42

  11. Helm - Exploded

    Helm - Exploded

  12. Helm - Assembled

    Helm - Assembled

  13. Celtic Dawn

    Chain Celtic Dawn

  14. Helm


  15. Helm


  16. Helm


  17. Aussie Maille

    Video Tutorial Helm

    Author's Note We wanted to document many of the available weaves in video format to help not only inspire our customers, but to keep an archive of resources for all maillers. Being an Australian business we wanted to help our customers with metric sizes where we can but we have found that using...
  18. The Ring Lord

    Video Tutorial Helm - Beginner Weave Series

    Author's note: At TheRingLord.com, we value your creativity and want to support it in any way we can. We have both free and paid written tutorials and are publishing a few series of free video tutorials on our YouTube channel & chainmaillers.com. We also love to inspire our customers with...
  19. Helm - TRL Ring Size Guide

    Helm - TRL Ring Size Guide

  20. B

    Photo Tutorial Helms Christmas Tree Decoration

    Author's Note Our projects were very popular during the lifetime of our business and we wanted to ensure they continued to provide inspiration for chain maillers whatever their experience. It's a pleasure to see they will live on with Chainmaillers.com -Sarah Austin Helms Christmas Tree...