jens pind linkage 3

  1. 3 Color JPL

    3 Color JPL

    Another Blue Buddha Boutique kit. This was my first attempt at JPL, and I was thrilled when it went so well. I think using 3 colors -- in this case copper, brass and BA -- made all the difference. I love this weave.
  2. Wrap JPL3 Bracelet

    Wrap JPL3 Bracelet

    3 Wraps around my wrist for my favorite bracelet.
  3. Jpl 3

    Jpl 3

    tried once... whew
  4. Three-stranded JPL rainbow necklace

    Three-stranded JPL rainbow necklace

  5. JPL bracelet and ring

    JPL bracelet and ring

    AR 3 (3 mm id, 1 mm wd) in sterling silver
  6. VB & JPL

    VB & JPL

    I may have a problem...
  7. Nailmaille heart with JPL chain

    Nailmaille heart with JPL chain

    Stainless steel chain
  8. JPL with infinity links

    JPL with infinity links

    18swg 9/64" copper I made the infinity links
  9. Jens Pind Linkage 3

    Jens Pind Linkage 3

    Blackened stainless steel JPL3 chain with pendant from Iron Antler Forge
  10. JPL-3 Necklace

    JPL-3 Necklace

    Necklace I made at my daughters request
  11. JPL-3 Segment

    JPL-3 Segment

  12. JPL-3 Necklace

    JPL-3 Necklace

    JPL-3 Necklace in square stainless steel