1. 4 in 2 Captivated 4 in 2

    Chain 4 in 2 Captivated 4 in 2

    Kinged 2 in 1 Chain held captive by a 4 in 2 chain
  2. Abhainn

    Band Abhainn

  3. Kinged Vipera Berus

    Kinged Vipera Berus

    Rings Argentium and Yellow Gold Filled rings from Chainweavers
  4. KVB, CCC, & Awesomeness

    KVB, CCC, & Awesomeness

    Rainbow Niobium KVB & CCC Axis of Awesome earrings silver fill and rainbow niobium (earring kit from C&T)
  5. W

    Video Kinged Vipera Berus

    My first attempt at making a tutorial which was pretty awkward due to the webcam having to be placed in front of me whilst weaving. Hope it does the trick for you though. Enjoy :)
  6. Kinged Vipera Berus Segment

    Kinged Vipera Berus Segment

  7. Fairy's Garden Double Spiral necklace

    Fairy's Garden Double Spiral necklace

  8. Kinged Barrels (Kegs) Necklace

    Kinged Barrels (Kegs) Necklace

    Unknown craft store metal. Kinged Barrels (or as I like to call it "Kegs")