Kinged Vipera Berus

Video Tutorial Kinged Vipera Berus

My first attempt at making a tutorial which was pretty awkward due to the webcam having to be placed in front of me whilst weaving. Hope it does the trick for you though. Enjoy :)

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Excellent tutorial! Demonstrates the weave and also explains various aspects of the weave. This video goes the extra yard.
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This is a great tutorial, even if it's blurry. It FINALLY helped get even regular Vipera Berus and so I have to give a great big thanks!
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I struggled to learn this weave but finally did by using multiple tutorials. The technique in this tutorial is different and allowed me to created a vipera berus bracelet with much smaller rings. Thanks for showing your technique.
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Even though you say you felt awkward because of the position of the camera, it came out really well. Thanks for making this.
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