1. Themyscira

    Band Themyscira

  2. Grounds For Divorce

    Chain Grounds For Divorce

  3. Three Quarters Persian (Alternating Oblique)

    Chain Three Quarters Persian (Alternating Oblique)

  4. Three Quarters Persian (Oblique)

    Chain Three Quarters Persian (Oblique)

  5. Dragonrope - Lean

    Chain Dragonrope - Lean

  6. Cobra Alternating

    Sheet Cobra Alternating

  7. Cobra

    Sheet Cobra

  8. Parallel Three Quarters Persian Layered Lean

    Chain Parallel Three Quarters Persian Layered Lean

  9. Den of Vipers

    Chain Den of Vipers

  10. Half Persian 3 Sheet 4 in 1

    Sheet Half Persian 3 Sheet 4 in 1

  11. Half Persian Interlock

    Band Half Persian Interlock

  12. Three Quarters Persian Berus

    Chain Three Quarters Persian Berus

  13. Barbaloot

    Chain Barbaloot

  14. Onceler

    Chain Onceler

  15. chainmaillers.com

    Structural Revision Dual Grain Persians

    The Dual Grain Persian Revision Periodically, in Biology, as new discoveries and new information are uncovered over time, taxonomic revisions are made. I see no reason why a similar "structural revision" could not be applied to chainmaille. Much like its biologic counterpart, this structural...
  16. Dragon Tail Half Persian

    Chain Dragon Tail Half Persian

  17. Half Persian Spiral

    Chain Half Persian Spiral

  18. Layered Lean Persian - Layered Twist

    Chain Layered Lean Persian - Layered Twist

  19. Layered Lean Persian - Mirror Twist

    Chain Layered Lean Persian - Mirror Twist

  20. Layered Lean Persian - Layered Step

    Chain Layered Lean Persian - Layered Step