1. Byzantine Set.jpg

    Byzantine Set.jpg

    22" necklace, 8" bracelet and 2" earrings in Byzantine
  2. Ocean Waves Necklace

    Ocean Waves Necklace

  3. Fieldstone necklace

    Fieldstone necklace

  4. Crystal Rainbow.jpg

    Crystal Rainbow.jpg

    Anodized and Bright Aluminum with rainbow crystals
  5. Triquetra Necklace

    Triquetra Necklace

    Triquetra pendant with European 4 in 1 and byzantine.
  6. Reversible Scale necklace.

    Reversible Scale necklace.

    AA kit, from Blue Buddha Boutique. I just posted the blue side, now here's the green. This is a lush necklace.
  7. Reversible Scale necklace

    Reversible Scale necklace

    My first big project with AA scales, in turquoise and green. From the Blue Buddha Boutique kit.
  8. Rainbow Barrels

    Rainbow Barrels

    The top is Blue Buddha Boutique's Barrel Ride necklace kit, the middle is theor Mini Barrel kit, and the bottom is a variation I made, because I wanted purple in the middle. Everything is AA.
  9. Scale Maille Necklace

    Scale Maille Necklace

    Bright Aluminum and Purple Anodized Aluminum
  10. CCCC (Chunky Candy Cane Cord)

    CCCC (Chunky Candy Cane Cord)

    Length 60 cm, width 2 cm.
  11. Japanese Flowers

    Japanese Flowers

  12. HP3-1


  13. Romanov


  14. Half Byz and Unakite

    Half Byz and Unakite

  15. Byzantine


  16. Helm/Byz


  17. Barrel Rainbow Necklace

    Barrel Rainbow Necklace

    This is from a seasonally kit I got from B3. I get compliments for this all the time.
  18. Asymmetric Romanov necklace

    Asymmetric Romanov necklace

    Romanov units and byzantine chain
  19. Narcissus and Persephone

    Narcissus and Persephone

    Persephone units with flowers
  20. Three-stranded JPL rainbow necklace

    Three-stranded JPL rainbow necklace