Structural Revision Dual Grain Persians

    The Dual Grain Persian Revision Periodically, in Biology, as new discoveries and new information are uncovered over time, taxonomic revisions are made. I see no reason why a similar "structural revision" could not be applied to chainmaille. Much like its biologic counterpart, this structural...
  2. Parallel Persian - Spiral

    Chain Parallel Persian - Spiral

  3. Parallel Persian - Twist

    Chain Parallel Persian - Twist

  4. Step Persian - Parallel

    Chain Step Persian - Parallel

  5. Helm Twist

    Chain Helm Twist

  6. Helm Arrows

    Chain Helm Arrows

  7. Helmish Moon

    Chain Helmish Moon

  8. Celtic Wings Conundrum

    Sheet Celtic Wings Conundrum

  9. Kinetics Offset

    Sheet Kinetics Offset

  10. Celtic Wings Offset

    Sheet Celtic Wings Offset

  11. Celtic Wings Biased

    Band Celtic Wings Biased

  12. Bipolar Beestings

    Chain Bipolar Beestings

  13. Bipolar Bees (Non Alternating)

    Chain Bipolar Bees (Non Alternating)

  14. Bipolar Bees

    Chain Bipolar Bees

  15. Persian Split

    Chain Persian Split

  16. Assyrian

    Chain Assyrian

  17. Dragon Tail (Parallel)

    Chain Dragon Tail (Parallel)

  18. Kinetics (Alternating)

    Chain Kinetics (Alternating)

  19. Half Persian Split

    Chain Half Persian Split

  20. Soyuz

    Chain Soyuz