1. Rhosyn Pendant

    Rhosyn Pendant

    This is my Rhosyn pendant design. I named it for the Welsh word for rose because the color and shape reminded me of knights in shining armor fighting welsh red dragons.
  2. Triffids Pendant

    Triffids Pendant

    Triffids with a few odd ring sizes manipulated into a ring to make a pendant.
  3. HyperLynks kits

    HyperLynks kits

    A few kits from HyperLynks. From left to right, Compass pendant, Trellis Pendant, Christa's Diamond pendant.
  4. Field of Stars

    Field of Stars

    A few different Stan Star 6's
  5. Triquetra Necklace

    Triquetra Necklace

    Triquetra pendant with European 4 in 1 and byzantine.
  6. Axis of Awesome

    Axis of Awesome

    These Axis of Awesome kits from C&T Designs, in niobium and silver fill, are so very cool.
  7. Vari-colour Celtic Crosses

    Vari-colour Celtic Crosses

    Full persian on a larger central ring. BA and AA 16g 5/16 and ? By SCD
  8. Plavi vez medallion

    Plavi vez medallion

    Traditional blue embroidery from Zmijanje (protected by UNESCO) wrapped in chainmaille.
  9. Full Persian Cross Pendant

    Full Persian Cross Pendant

    Square and round rings, AA and BA
  10. Full Persian cross

    Full Persian cross

    in sterling silver


    Designed by Joshua Diliberto made by Frann Ramales of Armored Hearts Chainmaille
  12. Delicate Helm Flower

    Delicate Helm Flower

    This lovely stainless steel flower has a gently cupped shape in which nestles a soft pink pearl.
  13. Christmas Tree Earrings and Pendants

    Christmas Tree Earrings and Pendants

    These are an original design and were created as I sat by my fiance's hospital bed while unsure if he would waken from his coma.
  14. Christa's Diamond Pendant

    Christa's Diamond Pendant

  15. Star


    BA & AA
  16. Stan Star

    Stan Star

    6 point Stan Star from Steampunk Garage
  17. Rainbow moonstone wrapped cab

    Rainbow moonstone wrapped cab

    Euro 4in1 and 6in1 wrapped rainbow moonstone cabochon. Sterling silver used to wrap.
  18. Pine Cone Pendant

    Pine Cone Pendant

  19. Flares Pendant

    Flares Pendant

    My design, Flares, in a pendant form.
  20. Jens Pind Linkage 3

    Jens Pind Linkage 3

    Blackened stainless steel JPL3 chain with pendant from Iron Antler Forge