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I made a snowflake out of this weave using a roughly 4.5 aspect ratio.
1) First, you make a chain of B^ that is 6 "drips" long.
2) Then, connect the ends together with the drips facing outwards.
3) On every other drip (we'll call these ones "even" drips), I extended the drip inward using a full Persian 6-in-1 pattern. This includes only the vertical links, splayed out. If you were to draw lines along the vertical links as viewed from above, they'd connect to form a 3-pointed star.
4) I then added only horizontal Persian links inside on every odd drip so that they pass between the parallel vertical tethers of the B^ chain as well as the vertical links of the inner Full Persian 6-in-1 on even drips, splitting each pair in half.
5) I added a horizontal ring on even drips on the inside, continuing the full Persian 6-in-1 but only on the top face, effectively producing a 3/4 Persian.
6) Using a larger ring of a similar gauge (in black), I stabilized the whole thing into a hexagonal shape by slipping it through all six of the splayed, vertical rings on even drips, going between the horizontal rings on odd drips. (I didn't have enough play to use the same ring AR, so I cut a ring at about 5.0 AR by eyeballing. I wound around a similar diameter and overshot the circumference on purpose, bending the ring afterwards to produce a normal ish jump ring).
7) for funsies, I added vertical rings linking each splayed pair of vertical rings on even drips from the inside. This is only really visible from the top face.

If I were to do this again, I'd definitely do step 6 before step 4, because adding in that center ring was very difficult. And I had the advantage of nice 90° bent nosed pliers!
All rings are aluminum. Middle large ring is black anodized aluminum. I believe there are 64 rings in total, including the larger, black, middle ring as well as the last 3 in the center. This does not include the 2-in-1 chain extending from one of the even drips.
Full disclosure, this is a project for my sister's birthday, so I will not indefinitely have access to the item. But I'd be happy to answer any questions to the best of my ability! I'm not super confident I could replicate this project exactly without the original in front of me, but I think my description should be sufficient along with the images I attached.

Files attached: top view, bottom view. Further, top view then bottomed view, both with a 2-in-1 chain attached to the outside of one even drip to help with orientation and reproducibility.


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