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Hello I am new to the forums and wish to introduce myself, I go by Barek on here and have been into SCA for about 22 years off and on, I am now starting up a hobby business of jewelry and chain mail armor crafting, no this is not to promote myself or anything of the sort just giving my foundation as I’m completely new to all of this and have a long way to go. I have some orders of tools and materials on the way to get going so any input of any type is welcome thanks in advance to all. This is what I’ve ordered to start, anything else you would recommend??


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Welcome to the site! Did you order the top two items, or just the bottom four? If you ordered everything in your screenshot, I would give the following advice:

Organizer Box - I don't personally like when compartments share an opening. Items have a habit of switching compartments on you, and you don't want to deal with what happens if it drops and pops open. Better off with keeping rings in individual containers (even just bags) or a container where the individual compartments have their own lids. I personally use larger containers with rings in individual bags to contain them in case of any accidents.

Chenkou rings - Use them for practice. If they're true to form for those type of ring listings, they're probably not the best quality and you may not even know what metal they're made of.

Chainmaille Joe Stuff - I have the kit myself, there's a good variety of ring sizes in there and the instructions in the book are pretty good. Try out different weaves and see what types you like making. It will help guide you with what sizes you will need for future ring orders.

Xuron pliers - Xuron pliers are great in general, but I'm not too sure about the model that you ordered. From the picture, they look like tweezer bent nose and I'm not sure how well they will stand up to the thicker gauges (16 swg and 14 swg). With chainmaille you generally want shorter, stubbier jaws for better leverage and control. I personally use one of each of the following for most day to day mailling:

Xuron® Model 487 Chisel Nose Pliers

Xuron® Model 487 Chisel Nose Pliers

Flat, smooth blades with tips ground to a 45° angle. The angle provides extra gripping surface on a jump ring while eliminating any interference with the open working space of the ring. Strong enough to be used with both aluminum and stainless steel jump rings sized from 14 AWG and smaller. The...
Xuron® Model 486 90 Degree Bent Nose Plier

Xuron® Model 486 90 Degree Bent Nose Plier

Designed by a Chainmailler for Chainmaille artists. 90° bend allows for the picking up of a jump ring and then easily transitioning into opening/ closing the ring. Bend also allows the wrist to stay in a natural position. Fine plier tip allows for use even with the smallest rings. Soft rubber...

Hope that helps :)