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I am wanting to make a couple of removable sleeves for my new leather jacket, sleeves of which I'd like to ideally feature several weave patterns (like in tribal Polynesian tattoos); some include normal EU 4 in 1 Dragonscale, EU 4 in 1 & 6 in 1, Oops!, Hoodoo, Hoodoo Hex, Interwoven EU 4 in 1 Dragonscale, & Japanese Dragonscale, but I don't know how to join the different patterns together, & besides EU 4 in 1 & 6 in 1, I'm unsure how any of the patterns could be linked to the shoulder & armpit areas (this is referring to different versions of the same finished sleeve, but using a different starting pattern at the shoulder-armpit "starting line"). Would I need to make something of a full Hauberk or not?
Additionally, most of the weave patterns I plan on using will have two ring colours: the classic silver shine of stainless steel, mixed with the golden sheen of gold plaited stainless steel (using real gold); I've tried some rings from Amazon, but after making a sample of a weave pattern I like, the "gold" rings discolour into an oxidized brownish look with minimal gold shine remaining - why?! I'd like help in finding a vendor who makes the rings I need at a fair price, using real gold plaiting over stainless steel. The gold plaited ring sizes needed are: #1) 4mm outer diameter (O.D.) x 18swg wire, #2) 6mm O.D. x 18swg wire, #3) 7mm O.D. x 18swg wire, #4) 8mm O.D. x 18swg wire.


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You're talking a major undertaking here. I don't want to discourage you, but while most of the weaves you mention can probably somehow be connected, most would be FAR from a seamless connection.

AFAIK most plated rings are made with a base such as brass, not sure if they are done with stainless. Not sure what you consider a fair price, but real gold plating is going to be expensive. I know that urbanmaille.com and spiderchain.com do gold filled rings (which is a thicker coating of actual gold than what you find in regular plated). Creatingunkamen.com sells gold plated rings. Not sure what the base is on any of these, but they're what's available. :D Please make sure that you confirm with the vendor if they sell AWG or SWG rings.

Wish I could be more help.