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I seem to be having trouble adding photos of pieces. Is there something that I'm not doing? I try to start an album but that doesn't seem to be allowed... What is the way to go about this?

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Hi @Htaverna

Not to worry, you're doing it right. Photos are currently set to moderated so that I can make sure that they are tagged. New users are not allowed to create their own albums until they are verified (currently that means they need to have 10 posts). Your pictures are now approved. Please take a look at the tags on them and let me know if I'm missing anything. :) I see that you are also verified at this time. You should now be able to create an album. Please let me know if you cannot.

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nope, you can add photo's as soon as you're a member. at 10 posts, you can create your own photo albums. photo's are currently moderated so that I can add appropriate tags to the photos. Hope that explains it better :)