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Is there a variation of this sheet where the larger rings are captivated by a sandwiching of three medium parallel rings on top and bottom? If you were to take the perpendicular, medium rings currently holding onto the doubled , large rings, and you were to instead replace with small rings and link the triad sandwiches inside the larger ring, and remove one out of every pair of sandwiched, large rings (consistently on the same side) then put in another layer of medium, parallel rings, you should end up with what I'm trying to ask about. The overall ring count, assuming only three aspect ratios are used in this pattern shown above, should be 2 large, 6 medium ( 3 parallel, 3 perpendicular), and 3 small per repeating unit cell.
The ring count for the pattern I ask about should be 1 large, 6 medium (two triads on either face of the large ring), and 6 small (three linking the two triads in the center of the large ring and 3, 1 tethering each "point" of the triad to other "points" of the unit cell).
At first I didn't really have much of an idea what to do with it, but from a materials standpoint, I imagine you could easily assemble the sheet around solid hexagonal plates to increase the coverage of the sheet as a form of armor. The metal hexagons would be irregular but could be described as a regular truncation of equilateral triangles. This would not be too great against a stabbing attack, which might dislodge the plates if there is enough of a tolerance, but that could be fixed with holes punched along the longer sides of the hexagons, with three small rings added to each unit cell, attached to the outside of the large ring, between the sandwiches. These rings could then link into the plates, giving the plates more resistance against being dislodged.
This whole idea seems like a very cool project, and might act as an analogy to graphene if you do not use the extra three ring and do not link the plates in. Graphene as a material is extremely strong in torsion and tension and compression, but it is very fragile to shear stress caused by piercing. In this sort of prototype, the protection offered by the maille is likely to be greater than the sheet it's based on (moon hexagon) and might even offer some arrow protection on those places where plates are used.


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I am sorry, could you be more consise in what you ask? I don’t know what pantern you are referencing.

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I am sorry, could you be more consise in what you ask? I don’t know what pantern you are referencing.
I'm pretty sure A Alton H is talking about a different elevation termination (outer sandwich instead of inner sandwich), with additional rings to terminate what could then flip.


Which would be Japanese Dragonscale with some extra rings.