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Using IGP & CIGP for Inlays 1.0

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So if I don't have a pic of a design I should use CIGP?

Daniel H.

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Mimi Mimi , you can use IGP to draw in an image, but CIGP will not let you draw into the application itself. Personally I find it easier to do my drawing in a regular image editing software, like Paint, and then upload it into either CIGP or IGP to see how it looks.


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I'm getting a lot of inquires about inlayed maille. Thanks for posting this, I hope it'll make this process easier.
My first (and most difficult inlay) I made without using any kind of pattern or program. Then I found IGP and so wish I had it to begin with! This makes it even easier to use, thanks so much!
I've been trying to understand IGP for so long now, and this finally helped it click in my head. I think I will actually be able to manage it now!! I do have a single question-- In the patterns, there are some options to choose from already, but is there a way to import a different size and gauge if I don't plan on using the ring dimensions in the program?


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To my knowledge, the only way to get a different size/gauge into the program is if you have a pattern for that size/gauge to import into it. I don't think there's any way to just select a size/gauge. Hopefully Daniel H. Daniel H. is still around and might have a better answer for you.