Vipera Berus Full Persian 6 in 1

Vipera Berus Full Persian 6 in 1


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There has recently been a lot of chatter regarding this weave recently so we expedited getting it added to the Maillepedia. I was able, with some success, to make it using 18swg 5/16" rings for the Full Persian base and 18swg 3/16" for the berus rings:

PXL_20210421_013520802.PORTRAIT.jpg PXL_20210421_013533699.PORTRAIT.jpg

Yes, I know the some of the rings are chewed up, but this was for testing, not to look pretty ;). In these sizes, the weave lies fairly flat and has more flexibility on one non berused side than the other. There is essentially no flex on either "berus" edge. There is, potentially, enough flex along the non berused sides for a bracelet or collar/choker.

I also tried the weave with 18 swg 5/32" for the berus rings. With this size, the weave becomes much more "tubular". Once again, there is barely any flex on the berused edges. One non berused side has more flex than the other one as well. In these sizes, I would say there is potential for a fairly rigid bangle bracelets / necklace.

Here's photos with both versions:

3/16" berus in front, 5/32" berus in back:

3/16" berus on left side in pics, 5/32" berus on right side in pics:
PXL_20210421_235839916.jpg PXL_20210421_235855086.jpg

As for making it, there's 2 ways that are similar, but some might find one easier than the other.

Start with making Full Persian 6 in 1. Your going to need to do this in a larger AR than is standardly used. When you make it, it will be floppy/loose. Make sure the rings are in the right locations as they may move out of place.

Lay the FP down, it should go fairly flat.

At this point you're basically going to have two "V's" depending on how you laid down the FP




Top V is row 1 & 2
Bottom V is row 3 & 4

This next part is where you can weave one of 2 ways.

Way 1
put berus rings around each eye of row 3 (and only row 3)
PXL_20210421_194419962.jpg PXL_20210421_194547176.jpg

Then put berus rings around each eye of row 4 (and only row 4) and through two of the row 3 berus rings. Repeat till done.
PXL_20210421_195438848.PORTRAIT.jpg PXL_20210421_200250500.jpg

Way 2 - One berus ring at a time
Alternate between putting a berus ring around the eyes of row three or row four and through the previous woven berus ring. If you were putting the berus ring on row 4, then in addition to going around the row 4 eye, it would also go through the previously woven row 3 berus ring. repeat till done.
PXL_20210421_214112350.jpg PXL_20210421_214244808.jpg

That's pretty much it. Once done with rows 3 & 4, flip it over and do rows 1 & 2.