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I believe that I just learned how to do the Prejudiced Rhinos right-handed from left-handed instructions.
Thanks to JD for the tutorial!
Rings used 18g 5/32 CJ's.


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What is the real difference between these weaves?
What is the difference in these weaves?
The real answer is: not much, lol :)

That's not the greatest answer though, so I'll try to explain better.

I'm going to go from the starting point of a terminated cell.

All of these weaves use different forms and ways of connecting terminated cells:
Terminated Cell.jpg
Rhinos Snorting Drano is tethered terminated cells where the terminated cells are exactly the same:
RSD Cell.jpg RSD Chain.jpg
Barrel is RSD with 2 cyan rings:
Barrel Cell.jpg Barrel Chain.jpg
Rhinos Snorting Drano (Alternating Oblique) is a Alternating Oblique variant of RSD. Oblique is a variant that we define as taking a pair (or stacked pair) of rings that do not normally have a direct connection and connecting them. In this case, the red and blue rings. In alternating oblique, the direction of the connection changes.:
RSD Oblique Cell.jpg RSD Alternating Oblique Cell.jpg RSD Alternating Oblique Chain.jpg

Prejudiced Rhinos is a little different as it starts with (what I call) a RSD segment. Segments are different from cells as they are tethered on multiple sides:
RSD Segment.jpg
PR is also connected differently as the tether rings are only connected to a single ring in adjacent segments
Prejudiced Rhinos Chain.jpg
Jellybeans on Parade does away with the tether rings and connects the terminated cells directly while also alternating which ring (red or blue) is on top.
JoP Base Cells.jpg JoP Cell.jpg JoP Chain.jpg

Hopefully that helps clear it up a bit :D


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Yes, thank you very much! Love the explosion chart above and made it easier to understand the placement of the rings.