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General Information

Weave Description
Segments of Byzantine, centrally tethered, then folded back and tethered to the previous segment of byzantine.

Byzantine transformed to Byzantine Chevrons is similar to the concept found in Celtic Visions transformed to Celtic Strap.

AR Note: The AR of this weave has not been fully explored and may not be optimal. Render was originally made in an AR of 3.8 and then redone with an AR of 3.6. We would appreciate additional findings being reported in the discussion thread for the entry. Just click the "Join Discussion" button.
Maillesplosion Available
  1. Yes

Ring Information

Commonly Used AR(s)
3.6; 3.8
Single Ring Size
  1. Yes

Weave Classifications

Cell Types
  1. Root Cell
Weave Class
  1. Transformation
Transformation types
  1. Segmented
  2. Tethered
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