Video Byzantine Chainmaille Tutorial - Beginner Weave Series

    Join Jodey Hathaway in our new Beginner Weave Series to learn how to open and close jump rings, discuss how our rings are measured and learn how to weave Byzantine in 2 ways. The example in the video is woven in 16g (1.6mm) 7/32" ID. You can find other sizes that work and their corresponding...
  2. Byzantine Set.jpg

    Byzantine Set.jpg

    22" necklace, 8" bracelet and 2" earrings in Byzantine
  3. Byzantine Ladder Halter

    Byzantine Ladder Halter

    Byzantine Ladder halter top with collar
  4. Crystal Rainbow.jpg

    Crystal Rainbow.jpg

    Anodized and Bright Aluminum with rainbow crystals
  5. Triquetra Necklace

    Triquetra Necklace

    Triquetra pendant with European 4 in 1 and byzantine.
  6. Turquoise Turkish Orbital Bracelet

    Turquoise Turkish Orbital Bracelet

    A bracelet made with 8mm turquoise beads and stainless steel jump rings. Turkish orbital units with Byzantine connecting units.
  7. Romanov


  8. Small Scale Maille Bib

    Small Scale Maille Bib

    Pure Bronze scales and rings in Byzantine chain
  9. Half Byz and Unakite

    Half Byz and Unakite

  10. Byzantine


  11. Byzantine and Beads

    Byzantine and Beads

  12. Asymmetric Romanov necklace

    Asymmetric Romanov necklace

    Romanov units and byzantine chain
  13. X-Lock Byz

    X-Lock Byz

    Xlock byzantine in chocolate brown, turquoise and sky blue. Fun and easy weave.
  14. Pastel Byzantine

    Pastel Byzantine

    A great set for springtime. I experimented with plastic ear hooks on the earrings.
  15. Byzantine Earrings

    Byzantine Earrings

    Made to match my Byzantine/Olivia Rainbow Bracelet
  16. Byzantine/Olivia Rainbow Bracelet

    Byzantine/Olivia Rainbow Bracelet

    My son loves color and requested one of his own after seeing the one I was working on that didn't have a finished edge. I kind of like his version better than the original!
  17. barefoot sandal

    barefoot sandal

  18. Byzantine Blue Crystal Necklace

    Byzantine Blue Crystal Necklace

    Made with Byzantine sections, Swarovski Crystals, Flower sections. Wire is Silver EC, 18 AWG 5/32 & 6.0
  19. Pretty in Punk byzantine chain

    Pretty in Punk byzantine chain

    Adjustable byzantine chain necklace
  20. Byzantine Necklace

    Byzantine Necklace

    3 connector Byzantine. Black & Blue Anodized Aluminum